Anne Hathaway Nose Job

Anne Hathaway Before and After Nose Job

Anne Hathaway Nose Job Before and After Photos

It is common knowledge that Anne Hathaway has many unconventional views about beauty. She has never towed anybody’s line if it does not conform to her private universe. Many of her fans seem to love her commitment to beauty even if she does not strain so much to conform to ordinary standards. In truth, Hathaway is a beautiful celebrity from her face to her toes. Her eyes are attractive and her skin appears as though she lives and dines in Venus. For a long time, the celebrity world has discussed at length about Hathaway’s presumed plastic surgery. Many analysts, critics, and some fans are always fixated on the idea that Hathaway sought the services of a skilled plastic surgeon’s to shape her nose into the typical shape of a 21st century superstar. The gossipers believe that Hathaway looks somewhat different from the way she looked many years back.

Anne Hathaway Nose Job Before

From the day she made an emphatic entry into stardom, Hathaway has been growing in profile and recognition. Her glamorous images have been splashed on the covers and in the colorful pages of some of the widely read celebrity magazines. Hathaway has also trended on social media and several media outlets for reasons that range from good to controversial. Those who have studied her appearance across the years are fully committed to the idea that Hathaway’s nose changed in appearance at some point of her life. According to this line of thought, the change was caused by plastic surgery. Critics insist that Hathaway had a broader nose when she appeared in The Princess Diaries in 2001. According to them, she had not undergone rhinoplasty at that point. She might have changed her mind as her recognition in the celebrity world continued to grow with her roles in The Devil Wears Prada (2006), Alice in Wonderland (2010), and The Dark Knight Rises (2012).


Anne Hathaway Nose Job After

Hathaway’s roles in Becoming Jane (2007) and Alice in Wonderland (2010) portrayed her as a celebrity who had just completed a perfect transformation from a very beautiful woman to a true icon of modern aesthetics. Particularly, the changes were noticed in the shape of her nose. Her nose now appears remarkably smaller than it looked during her preliminary moments in stardom. Hathaway’s current photos show her with a well defined nose that is narrower at the bridge and pointed at the tip. According to some experts in the field of plastic surgery, Hathaway’s new looks are as a result of a careful procedure that involved the removal of some cartilage and flesh, which had given the nose some uncomfortable bulge. Some analysts are of the view that the procedure was minimal because it does not show obvious signs of surgery. No ugly marks or telling scars were left after the procedure.

Anne Hathaway Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Hathaway does not hide her impatience with some of the modern conceptions of beauty. She thinks that some women and celebrities struggle needlessly to conform to standards. She has offered her opinion on weight matters and issues that relate to beauty in general. According to her, women should try and remain naturally beautiful. She has not shed much light on speculations regarding plastic surgery. As such, it remains a matter of speculations as one critic after another attempts to make comparisons of the before and after photos. Many celebrity watchers agree that Hathaway’s nose looks smaller and thinner as she beams her lovely smiles on the red carpet. Her beauty has been enhanced by her decision to quit smoking and stick to a vegetarian diet.

Nose Job Surgery Results

It is hard to unite the entire universe behind a single opinion regarding Hathaway’s beauty. Nonetheless, most analysts think that Hathaway made the right decision to seek for a nose procedure. Nobody can doubt her beauty without sounding very unfair. The surgery results were successful according to many close reviewers. However, it is not certain yet whether the operation happened. Hathaway’s body language goes in more than one direction. It is true that she looks more beautiful presently than in the past. On these grounds, it is right and safe to join the chorus of praises of the nose job success.