Christina Aguilera Nose Job

Christina Aguilera Before and After Nose Job

Christina Aguilera Nose Job Before and After Photos

Christina Aguilera is celebrity with a lot of beauty, talent, and reputation. The modern celebrity world should forever remain grateful for the many glories that the 33-year-old singer and actress has brought on the showbiz scene. Since the early days when she crept into stardom as a talented child, Christina has always mesmerized her fans with her creativity and immensity of style. She must count herself lucky for the double blessing of talent and beauty. Every time Christina shows up on the big screen, crowds have to fight hard to resist the great euphoria that ignites from her soft eyes, pretty face, and all the well-defined features. There is some talk doing the rounds about Christina’s nose job. Some of her admirers and critics are fully convinced that Christina’s facial features are not just a product of genetics. According to them, she must have checked into a cosmetic surgery theater for some nips and tucks on her nose.

Christina Aguilera Nose Job Before

Sometimes, it can be challenging to compare the images of the same person across vast spaces of time and see some signs of plastic surgery. One way of telling whether Aguilera went under the knife to modify the shape and size of her nose is to look keenly at her face as it appeared in childhood and compare it with her current appearance. In the days when she featured prominently in The Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search, Aguilera was all beautiful and lovely. At that point, it would be inconceivable to associate her with any plastic procedures. She was only an innocent, but extremely creative child. Her nose before surgery was broad at the base and noticeably bulgy at some points. The before surgery photos show her as a beautiful celebrity with a naturally endowed face.

Christina Aguilera Nose Job After

When the time came, Christina Aguilera confessed that she had done a number of plastic surgery enhancements to improve the features on her face and one or two parts of her body. Courtesy of some credible sources, Aguilera agreed that she had visited the cosmetic surgery theater for a few modifications on her nose, lips, and breasts. With regard to her nose, it is obvious that the singer’s face changed for the better because of the fine contours she received from the plastic surgeon. Notably, the Christina of the 1990s looks very different from the Christina of the 2000s. The after surgery photos show Christina with a well-defined face that conforms to every standards established by Hollywood’s unwritten laws. She appears marvelous and quite different in her album, Bionic (2010) and Burlesque (2011).

Christina Aguilera Reactions to Nose Job Speculations

Christina only hinted that she had a few plastic enhancements to spruce up her looks. She did not go too far into the details of these enhancements. However, there is cause to believe that she acknowledges the importance of a good nose job for the sake of her careers. Celebrities often behave like pilots of planes in turbulence. They say very little and conceal the real elephant in the room. Angelina’s measured responses should be considered as some form of a tacit acceptance of the merits of plastic enhancements. Sometimes, it makes great sense for a celebrity to drop a few hints for the sake of easing the intensity of the attacks. Christina could have opted for such a strategy.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Opinions often differ on matters relating to plastic surgery. Nonetheless, some truths unfold before every human as universal truths. Regarding Christina’s plastic surgery, most analysts believe that the procedure was immensely successful. Some celebrity watchers think that the surgery altered Christina’s natural beauty. However, many reviewers consider Christina as a wonderful celebrity who came out of the surgical theater with the best result that anybody could desire. Some moralists think that Christina and some of her colleagues in the industry are advancing the wrong trends in embracing plastic surgery as their chosen path to beauty. The argument could go either way.