Kelly Rowland Nose Job

Kelly Rowland Before and After Nose Job

Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before and After Photos

Inquiring eyes in the celebrity gossip world have never stopped doubting the authenticity of Kelly Rowland’s beauty. Rowland began her grand march to the lofty heights of fame in the 1990s when she showed the world her true element in Destiny’s Child. From then on, she has attained an enviable reputation as a gifted singer, actress, television personality, and songwriter. Some celebrity critics argue that Rowland’s greatness owes a lot to the support and love she has received from her friend Beyonce, and the warmness of appreciating fans. However, it would only be fair to give Rowland full credit for being one of the most beautiful women in the celebrity world. Amid the praises and plaudits of her beauty and talent, some voices from the grapevine have joined the chorus of speculations about a possible nose job. The chiefs of the gossip arena have brought forward various before and after pictures as proof of the surgical procedure.

Kelly Rowland Nose Job Before

Kelly Rowland has said a lot about her body and the methods she uses to remain trim and mesmeric. However, she has not said much about a rhinoplasty procedure. The many comparative analyses about her past and recent photos have fostered the impression that Rowland went under the knife to change the appearance of her nose. Sometimes, the fog of speculations can be so thick that it becomes difficult to sort out the facts from the illusions. Some of the photos used to reinforce the argument of plastic surgery were taken nearly a decade ago. That was the time when Rowland was only beginning to dabble in the celebrity world. The photos show her with a nose that resembles something other than the ideal. Unless somebody’s nose takes the form and shape of a Caucasian’s, the critics will always award a lesser score in terms of aesthetics.

Kelly Rowland Nose Job After

The prying eyes of the critics and analysts have always endeavored to read even the most subtlest sign of plastic surgery from any celebrity that crosses their line of vision. In the case of Rowland, many celebrity watchers insist that she looks very different in some of the most recent photos. Her face appears to have changed a lot because of the effects of the nose job. Can a nose look different without plastic surgery? Some of Rowlands’s fans believe that she simply grew into her nose. According to some experts, physical exercises or diet can transform the appearance of the face and leave the nose looking more prominent or smaller. Some of the after photos that were produced as evidence have shown hints of a sharper and lengthier nose. The bridge of the nose also appears to have been finely sculpted to the true dimensions of a Caucasian nose. Some African-American celebrities have often felt the need to alter their looks in the likeness of Caucasians.

Kelly Rowland Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Rowland has not uttered a word to confirm or counter the various speculations about her nose job. Perhaps, she does not feel comfortable discussing her beauty with strangers. She has admitted to having done some boob implants in order to look complete. It is not clear if she actually did something to make her face to appear as complete. It took some time for Rowland to admit to the world that she had some boob job performed on her beautiful world. It might take even longer for the star to say anything about her nose.

Nose Job Surgery Results

The hard facts about Rowland’s nose are not yet on the table. As such, it would be tough to make specific assessments about the impact of the nose job on her beauty. However, some analysts will never yield from their opinion about the star’s rumored surgery. Assuming that Rowland actually went under the knife, the surgery was a great success. Many analysts agree that the highly profiled singer looks more beautiful in her latest photos than she ever looked at some point in the past. Some celebrity watchers think that it would be wrong for anybody to alter looks because of the pressure to conform.