Laura Bell Bundy Nose Job

Laura Bell Bundy Before and After Nose Job

Laura Bell Bundy Nose Job Before and After

Laura Ashley Bell Bundy, the famous actress and singer has had a magical effect over us not only with her singles and Broadway performances but also with her beauty. She is an adorable country music artist with a lot of releases backing her up for the same. Her roles in the Broadways Hairspray and Legally Blonde are memorable ones and we cannot escape her enchanted talent whenever we get to witness her on-screen. Her beauty seems to get enhanced by each passing day as she matures. The secret behind the charm she has may be surgical in nature but what we see in Laura now is an even more beautiful persona. The nose job she went through has had a great effect on her career. This plastic surgery has made her look slimmer and prettier than ever. We analyzed her makeover a bit deeply below.

Laura Bell Bundy Nose Job Before

Before getting a nose job done, this actress had a bulky nose as is evident from the roles she did as a child. Though she looked quite pretty with what she originally had, it made her project a bit sized look with the natural nose. Her career too seemed a bit on the stagnant side before she got her nose job done. The look of Laura in Jumanji’ makes it quite obvious that the thin nose she has now was not originally the same. It was indeed on a bulkier side and the fact that a doctor’s hand practiced surgery over it is absolutely undeniable.

Laura Bell Bundy Nose Job After

Laura got her surgery done on August 26, 2014 which is quite recent. But it didn’t take time for us to grasp this altered appearance of hers as the nose job worked perfect for her. She looks all the more pretty with a slim nose, rounded at the tip. Her surgery fit quite well with her matured persona. It looks quite natural and has had a positive effect on her career as well. Speculations have it that she has undergone not one, but many surgeries. Anyhow, the effects of the same are extremely positive and make us fall for this star even more after the nose job she just got.

Laura Bell Bundy’s Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

It is not too easy for a big star like Laura Bell Bundy to accept the fact that the enhanced beauty she just got is not natural. And with all the speculations going on about whether she has gone through a nose job or is it just the magic of make- up, we can safely conclude that it is indeed the work of a surgeon as is evident from the comparative analysis of the pictures of Laura when she was young and as she has matured. The celeb, though, has not accepted this fact, as yet, but the rumors have it all as there is no smoke without fire.

Nose Job Surgery Results

The results of the nose job Laura Bell Bundy went through reveal how excellently this surgery was done. Her beautiful makeover is definitely not an outcome of maturing or make-up. Anyhow, the nose job looks absolutely perfect on this star as can be made out by the rising graph of her career. Her nose bridge is now full straight from top to bottom and suits her face quite right. This nose job has done wonders for her by giving her a slimmer look and that is what has grabbed her all the attention from the media and her fans.