Lee Min-ho Nose Job

Lee Min ho Before and After Nose Job

Lee Min Ho Nose Job Before and After Photos

The quest for perfect facial symmetry continues to sweep across the celebrity world from Hollywood to Seoul. Lee Min Ho is without question one of the most popular stars in South Korea. Gradually, his fame has transcended the borders of his country to the international arena. The 27-year-old actor’s profile is sustained by a superb combination of great talents and looks. Celebrity watchers believe that Lee may have been born great, but became greater through plastic reinvention. In truth, Lee is probably at the summit of some of the most attractive men in his country. Everything on his face makes a clear statement of harmony in terms of shape and size. Like any other celebrity, he would wish his fans to consider him in very natural terms. Unfortunately, speculations of plastic surgery have already nestled in his backyard.

Lee Min Ho Nose Job Before

In particular, Lee has been caught up in speculations linking his near-perfect nose to plastic surgery. The time and place of the operation is yet unknown. However, celebrity watchers have gleaned the before surgery photos and now believe that Lee went under the knife around the time when his fame shot up following the release of some of his successful movies such as Boy Over Flowers. According to these observers, a perfect face was necessary to match the height of fame that he had reached. Rumors of nose jobs are usually plastered on photos. Most of the people who have pushed through the idea of plastic surgery believe that Lee’s past images show him with a bulbous nose that suppressed his facial aesthetics. However, Lee’s supporters believe that the presumed changes resulted from a loss of baby fat, which led to his body assuming the perfect shape of his bone structure.

Lee Min Ho Nose Job After

Once upon a time, Korea was widely considered as the capital of plastic surgery. Celebrities from all walks of life would troop to various discrete plastic surgery theaters in Seoul for different procedures. Therefore, critics believe that it was quite expected and convenient for Lee to check into any of the greatest surgical theaters for a number of enhancements. As usual, the grapevine has not relented in displaying photos, which are believed to have been captured after the gifted singer had undergone rhinoplasty. Mixed reactions have always attended to the publication of these photos. On one side, observers insist that the images portray Lee with a completely enhanced face. The nose is no longer bulbous as it appeared in the before surgery photos. It is thin and pointed with a well-defined bridge. When the before and after photos are arranged against each other, they appear to confirm the critics’ story. However, his supporters argue that the photos were taken at different angles and different facial expressions, which can affect the appearance of the nose.

Lee Min Ho’s Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Lee has not spoken openly about the plastic surgery rumors. Unfortunately, silence never ends any doubts. In fact, ignoring the grapevine only creates a large surface area for their flourishing. Usually, celebrities fear that coming clean on plastic surgery can anger and compromise their fan base. Plastic surgery in South Korea rarely makes news. Moreover, it is never a preserve of celebrities alone. As such, grapevine analysts believe that the revelation of Lee’s plastic surgery would hardly hurt his fortunes.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Lee’s nose job speculations are usually followed by tremendous plaudits from many reviewers who share the view that the procedure was remarkably successful. According to some of these reviewers, Lee acquired a face that cast him to world-class status. The nose job helped to highlight other aspects of his facial aesthetics. The nose is no longer an obstruction to his good eyes and well-defined cheeks. However, some critics believe that Lee’s handsome face was achieved by more than a nose job. In their view, a lip surgery and a chin reduction were also on the menu. However, the general view is that the nose job was a huge success. The only outstanding matter is a confirmation from the horse’s mouth.