Sandra Bullock Nose Job

Sandra Bullock Before and After Nose Job

Sandra Bullock Nose Job Before and After Photos

Sandra Bullock, most desirable American actresses has mesmerized the audience with her path breaking work in the films she does. One of the highest paid actresses, Sandra Bullock has proved her perfection and has been rewarded for the same with one Academy Award and a Golden Globe Award. A very successful actress and now a film producer, she has had major blockbusters to her credit including the film ‘Gravity’. What makes this actress look even more beautiful than before may be a gift of a surgery or two. Sandra Bullock is believed to have undergone rhinoplasty to preserve the shape of her nose as is evident from her before and after photos. We dig in deeper at this statement below.

Sandra Bullock Nose Job Before

Before Sandra Bullock got a nose job, her nose was a bit flat and spread towards her cheeks. The bridges of her nose were a bit broader and gave her face a bigger look. She looked quite mature with the original nose, she had before the surgery. Though her natural look did not have considerable effects on her career yet she went for it and for good. Her talent is way too superior to make an alteration like this one seem unnoticeable. She is believed to have had a Botox in 2008 and a nose job thereafter, but all that is barely discernible.

Sandra Bullock Nose Job After

After getting a nose job, Sandra Bullock’s look may not have changed significantly, but yes, surgery has made her face prettier than before. The thinner nose and the narrowed contours of the same have given her face an elongated look. The nose job has suited her face brilliantly. Though the original appearance of her nose has not been altered, yet we can easily make out that she has, for sure, taken up a nose job and that too a fabulous one. Going through a nose job was one heck of a decision she took in the right direction to bring out her beauty more appealingly.

Sandra Bullock’s Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Sandra Bullock is known for her confidence and boldness. Yet she hasn’t admitted the fact that she did undergo a nose job lately. She said she had her nose reconstructed naturally’ because her sister accidentally broke the same when they were teenagers. Her reason for this transition of the shape of her nose may not be too assuring but we can easily make out from her pictures that the change in the character of her nose is surgical. There would have been no other way that her nose got thinner while preserving its original contour. The star, though, may not accept this strategically altered figure on her face, but we can safely conclude that she has indeed undergone a nose job which has proved to be contributively attractive in order to enhance her beauty.

Nose Job Surgery Results

As is evident from her photos, Sandra Bullock has had the bridge of her nose narrowed, giving it a smoother and thinner look. This has surely enhanced her beauty a bit more. She looks even more classy and elegant than before. The nose job has suited her face perfectly thereby making her look more beautiful. Rumors do not go wrong most of the times and with the transition in the outlook of her nose, we are not mistaken that Sandra has undergone a successful nose job. This surgery has not only made her look beautiful, but thinner too. Reshaping the bridges of her nose was worth it. She looks quite eye-catching and appealing with the nose job done.