Tyra Banks Nose Job

Tyra Banks Before and After Nose Job

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before and After Photos

Tyra Banks is a strong-willed woman with a sweeping appeal among millions of fans who love her shrewdness when handling controversial subjects. She is ever ready to lead from the front whenever hot subjects about women and relationships cross her line of thought. Tyra’s talk shows have given her a vantage position to tear down the structures of patriarchal mindsets that attempt to limit and prescribe women’s lives and priorities. Lately, Tyra has found herself the victim of the same social ghosts that she has been committed to exorcise. It all began with some speculations of plastic surgery, which circled around the various parts of her body before settling on her nose. The adamant gossipers believe she does not look the same in the before and after photos.

Tyra Banks Nose Job Before

There is so much talk about a possible plastic transformation of Tyra Banks nose. Anonymous bloggers and doubting experts have closed ranks on the idea that Tyra’s nose looked very different before she got her firm hold on stardom. Why would anybody insist that Tyra’s is another pretender to the throne of natural beauty? The purveyors of the doubt are adamant that Tyra’s nose looked fat and wider at the edges. They also think that the bridge of her nose has changed significantly since her early days on the celebrity stage. The evidence presented is derived from various before pictures, which show Tyra looking a bit ordinary with a somewhat awkward nose. However, her supporters believe that the pictures might have been contrived to back up the rumors.

Tyra Banks Nose Job After

The incessant noise about Tyra Banks’ nose are supported by various after photos, which portray her with a smaller and well defined nose that provides some hints of rhinoplasty. According to those who insist on this line of thought, the nostrils are less bulky and smoothly curved. On several occasions, experts have pulled in different directions with regard Tyra’s plastic surgery rumors. Some of them are very insistent on the view that Tyra’s nose received significant improvements. Alternative perspectives on the same have also hinted at the likelihood of multiple nose jobs. On the other hand, some celebrity observers think that she is authentically natural and beautiful. Those who think that Tyra went for a minimal plastic procedure may be driven by the desire to reconcile the two extremes positions.

Tyra Banks Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Tyra has remained largely guarded on the secret behind her good nose. Maybe there is nothing to hide. Nonetheless she must endure the barbs of critics and the doubts of fans that yearn for her response on the matter. Back in time, Tyra defended herself vigorously against rumors of a different kind of plastic surgery. She had to do something big to purge the rumors of a boob job. She let her critics and fans see the natural appearance of her breasts in the presence of an expert plastic surgeon. The only problem is that she has not done the same thing about the rhinoplasty speculations. When Larry King sought her views on plastic surgery, Tyra was candid in her support of the procedures. Some people think that Tyra has multiple and controversial personalities, which would drive her to experiment on anything including a nose job.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Tyra once remarked that women are free to choose their own approaches on beauty. There is no denying that she is an extremely beautiful woman with a great body and lovely looks. There are also fears that Tyra tries very much to fit in every convention of Hollywood beauty standards. According to others, she has a liberal spirit but a very conservative body. It may not be clear as yet whether she really went under the knife. Perhaps, she believes in the eroding power of time to take away the speculations that have bothered her hard and long. Some of those who cannot stop speculating on the nose job are also willing to congratulate the talk show queen for a job well done. Such plaudits have been pouring in from multiple directions.