Wendy Williams Nose Job

Wendy Williams Before and After Nose Job

Wendy Williams Nose Job Before and After Photos

Quite recently, Wendy Williams debunked the myth that what happens in Las Vegas must stay there. She invited her closest friends for a lavish and ostentatious party at Tao Beach in Vegas. It was her 50th birthday. Other than the pomp and glamor that defined the three days celebration, Wendy seemed more than eager to flaunt the entirety of her beauty in all sides and angles. The splendor of her gorgeous body dimmed the main objective of the party. It was also time for some gossipers to assess her facial features up-close. The numerous photos on that day added to volumes of others, which have been used frequently to bolster the nose job speculations.

Wendy Williams Nose Job Before

In Hollywood’s tradition, the shape and size of a woman’s nose is the real measure of her beauty. Truly, a bad nose can obstruct any clear view of the aesthetic merits of other facial features. Some beauty analysts think that the before photos of Wendy neither revealed a very bad nose nor portrayed a very good one. It was an ordinary nose. However, no talk show celebrity wants to settle for the ordinary in an industry that demands extraordinary qualities. The swirling stories of Wendy’s nose job are built on the belief that she has always clamored for the best in all she does. The requirements of fame are usually tougher on women as they begin to gather pace in age. It is on these grounds that the grapevine believes that Wendy sought a nose job to improve her looks about two decades back in time.

Wendy Williams Nose Job After

During the Las Vegas event, Wendy’s face was beaming with the same signature charm that defines her character when hosting The Wendy Williams Show. Some scribes and bloggers share the view that she was, in fact, a little more extravagant than her usual self. She has always held tightly to the image of a glamor girl. In general, the photos of the day and many after photos appear to confirm that she had seen one or some of the finest plastic surgery doctors alive. Her face was graceful and her nose appeared in perfect balance. Some beauty analysts argue that she looked surprisingly different in the after photos. Experts have not made many bold remarks about Wendy, but the incessant noise from the grapevines continues to fuel the doubts.

Wendy Williams Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

At some point, Wendy provided some piecemeal remarks about her thoughts and actions on plastic surgery, but she stopped short of confirming the rhinoplasty rumors. In an interview with People Magazine, Wendy said that she had gone under the knife on some occasion to keep her body in good shape. She did not shed any light on her nose, but she confirmed the boob job speculations. Her reason was that she wanted to fit perfectly into good clothes. She also revealed that she is an ardent supporter of plastic surgery. Perhaps, this admission is what the rumor mongers are reading between the lines. The desire to nail the nose job speculations has generated the belief that Wendy went into an overdrive with surgical procedures after the birth of her son. Pregnancy and the pressures of motherhood must have eaten greatly into her beauty.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Wendy gave a green light to the grapevine when she admitted her avid support for plastic surgery. According to many, the statement was the closest she could get to a candid revelation of the nose job. The truth in Hollywood is often encrypted. In fact, some analysts believe that Wendy has overrated the merits of plastic surgery, and could become an addict like many others of her kind. Nonetheless, she has succeeded in sprucing up her looks. At 50, she still looks beautiful and full of life. For this reason, many of her fans consider the nose job as a remarkable reinvention. However, it remains a loose view in the absence of a full confirmation.