Jennifer Aniston Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Before and After Nose Job

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before and After Photos

It is a tough task to recall the exact number of times that Jennifer Aniston has been ranked top-most in terms of beauty. Back in time in 2004, People Magazine described Aniston as the “most beautiful woman” on the planet. Later in 2011, Men’s Health magazine described her as the “sexiest woman of all time.” These strong endorsements are enough proof that Aniston is not just another ordinary woman on the streets. Her beauty is great and marvelous. Aniston was blessed with a lot of natural beauty. However, a celebrity of her status and looks will always attract some speculations about plastic surgery. There is always some profound drive among celebrities to do everything in their means to remain beautiful and relevant in the fabulous world of stardom. That is why many celebrity watchers and keen analysts believe that Aniston went under the knife to change the appearance of some parts of her body.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job Before

A close study of Aniston’s beauty could yield some leading details if divided between the 1990s and the 2000s. Analysts have put together many after surgery photos to show that the celebrity went under the knife to enhance her appearance on the screen. Her nose is one of the features that stand out starkly in terms of modifications. Many of her fans fondly remember Aniston in her character as Rachel Green in the sitcom, Friends, which ran between 1994 and 2004. During that period, her nose appeared somewhat bigger and flat at the base. She also had a thicker bridge that made her look a little like the girl-next-door. For some keen observers, Aniston’s nose did not fit exactly into the standard Caucasian shape of a long and pointed tip and a narrow bridge. Some analysts believe that the shape subtracted from her general facial attractiveness. Others cannot see some significant difference.

Jennifer Aniston Nose Job After

Various recent appearances of Aniston show that she transformed significantly in her appearance after 2007. A thorough observation of her after surgery photos indicate that the gifted actor changed in looks in the 2000s. Her appearances in the films such as Marley & Me, Just Go with It, Horrible Bosses, and We’re the Millers, suggest a thinned-out nose at the tip and bridge. A good measure of her beauty is attributable to the new dimension of her nose. It is more pointed at the tip and less bulky at the bridge. Some after photos seem to suggest that the nose is manifestly longer and sharper. She finally managed to model it in the shape of a supermodel. Many beauty reviewers believe that Aniston’s nose contributes significantly to her charm and beauty.

Jennifer Aniston Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Aniston does not give analysts a hard time. In 2007, she came out in the open and admitted to having gone under a plastic surgeon’s knife to alter the dimensions of her nose. Her reasons were more than cosmetic. She intended to mend a deviated septum. She wanted her nose to take on a normal shape and size. The deviated septum had given her some breathing problems, which made her seek the aid of an experienced surgeon. The Huffington post revealed that Aniston is a long-time and avid yoga practitioner. In her own admission, Aniston said that transcendental meditation has kept her healthy and beautiful. Aniston does not have hard feelings for celebrities who seek plastic transformations. She thinks the pursuit of beauty is noble, but should not be overzealous. She joins the list of many other celebrities who go under the knife for reasons other than aesthetics.

Nose Surgery Results

Aniston main reason for seeking rhinoplasty was different from the driving motives of other celebrities, but the results were the same as of the many others. Many analysts agree that the procedure was a great enhancement of her beauty. The 45-year-old celebrity retains the beauty of her 20s. Many celebrity watchers think that Aniston has fought a brilliant war against the eroding effects of age. Others think that the talented actress simply jumped on the bandwagon of plastic surgery for the sake of her career. Nevertheless, it is credible to claim that the nose job was a very rewarding procedure.