Kristen Stewart Nose Job


Kristen Stewart Nose Job Before and After Photos

Kristen Stewart confirmed that she does not like to tell people about herself. That is one reason why the world does not know enough about her private life. However, that does not stop her fans and critics from saying one or two things about her looks. In all truth, Stewart has immense beauty stored up in her youthful being. Her smile is measured but highly infectious. Her personality has seen her scale the many ladders of progress to incredible heights. Some of films in which she stirred greatly include Panic Room (2002), Zathura (2005), Adventureland (2009), and On the Road (2012). It is always great to talk at length about Kristen Stewart’s life and profile, but it is even greater to discuss a few speculations that keep circling around her closely guarded private world. According to some celebrity watchers, Stewart performed various plastic surgery procedures to enhance the appearance of some facial features.

Kristen Stewart Nose Job Before

Celebrity beauty analysts have various ways of telling whether a Hollywood star went under the knife. One of the most convincing methods is the reliance on the before and after pictures. Stewart before pictures have been used to authenticate the speculations about plastic surgery. Precisely, some of the photos show some hints of changes in appearance on some parts of Stewart’s body. Among the most discussed features of the star’s face is the shape size, and dimensions of the nose. Claims have been made about a successful rhinoplasty. The supporters of this claim suggest that Stewart’s nose looks obviously flat at its tip in some of her old pictures. People who seek nose jobs usually ask the plastic surgeons to reduce the size of their bridge and appearance of the tip. The before pictures seem suggest that the celebrity found a good surgeon to remove some meat from her nose and make it smaller and fantastic.

Kristen Stewart Nose Job After

A good number of celebrities who check into a plastic surgeon’s operating room for a nose job often ask the surgeon to alter the appearance of the tip of their noses and the bridge. These are the two main areas that determine beauty in accordance with Hollywood standards. A close examination of Stewart’s after pictures appear to show some subtle changes in these areas of her nose. Presently, the nose appears thinner and perfectly defined. According to many analysts, Stewart’s surgeon left her with the perfect gift of a Caucasian nose. The nose is narrower at the bridge and more pointed at the tip. However, not everybody goes with this line of thought. Many of Stewart’s fans insist that she is nothing more but a natural beauty. According to them, the perceived changes on her nose are either drawn out of creative photography or some optical illusions on the part of the observers.

Kristen Stewart Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

In one of her past interviews, Stewart said that she finds it difficult to share personal information with all and sundry. Anybody waiting for a candid admission or a firm denial may have to wait for an eternity. She believes that people should mind their own business. She finds it offensive for critics to probe so hard into the privacy of celebrities. The only plastic surgery she had performed on her face was one that was meant to correct a birth defect. She said that the defect had made it difficult to breath. She was very much pleased with the results because she can now smile.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Stewart has not said a word about the nose job speculations that hover indignantly over her head. What remains are the unending rumors that make use of every shred of evidence available to push the claim further. Assuming that she went under the knife and simply does not want to tell, the operation was very successful. Stewart has one of the flawless faces in Hollywood. Currently, she is the face of fashion brands, Chanel and Balenciaga. This is some good proof that her beauty has won the endorsement of the serious world.