Jillian Harris Nose Job

Jillian Harris Before and After Nose Job

Jillian Harris Nose Job Before and After Photos

Since her entry into stardom, Jillian Harris has blossomed into one of the most phenomenal television personalities in the world today. She has weathered the storms of the celebrity world with admirable grace and remarkable maturity. She has proved her worth as an interior decorator of great insight and creativity. Apart from the influence she imparts on the masses through her television roles, Jillian has been an object of admiration because of her beautiful face and petite figure. She embodies that glamor that comes with determination and consistency in the arts. Nonetheless, the 32-year-old Canadian has had her rough moments with critics and virulent analysts who want to see something wrong about her beauty. She has been associated with various kinds of plastic surgery and has endeavored to clear her profile and set the record straight. Jillian wants the world to know that she had very good reasons for going under the knife.

Jillian Harris Nose Job Before

Jillian has had to deal with the pressure from many fans and bloggers who find her current looks quite different from the way she appeared on the Bachelorette. She has also acknowledged the reality of her transformation over the years. Some of the distinctive features that show currently on her face were non-existent in a few years back. According to some keen observers, her skin was less defined and she was not the smashing beauty that she has finally transformed into. In her own words, Jillian admits that she was also chubby during her early moments in stardom. However, the most noticeable aspect of her change is the nose. The before photos of the gifted decorator portray her with a slightly awkward nose even though it was not easily noticeable. What could have caused all these changes? One truth that is out in the public domain is that Jillian suffered some insecurity after breaking up with her former boyfriend. There was some pressure to look different.

Jillian Harris Nose Job After

Many careful observers are united in the opinion that Jillian transformed herself into a remarkably attractive woman. The after photos portray her with a smaller nose than the one that appears in the before photos. The nose is carefully sculpted in such a way that it does not betray any clumsiness on the part of the surgeon. It is easy to tell that Jillian has defied the forces of age and held stiffly on her youthfulness despite the passage of time. The irregular contours that showed subtly on her nose have been replaced with a nice small nose with a pointed tip and a narrow bridge. She can also count herself lucky because the surgery did not squander her natural appeal.

Jillian Harris Reaction to Nose Job Speculation

Jillian was not cagey when the time came to respond to the speculations about her nose job. She said that she had to go under the knife because she had broken her nose earlier. However, the story of her rhinoplasty begins at a sad point when an unfeeling blogger said something negative about her nose. The remark came at a time when the celebrity was struggling with the emotional aftermath of a breakup. She cried for some while and agreed with her mother than something had to be done. Luckily, the operation was a resounding success. According to Jillian, her choice for the nose job, or any other plastic decision she might consider in future is nobody’s business.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Jillian ranks highly on the list of celebrities who have walked out of the plastic surgery theater with smiling faces because of a job well done. There is a consensus across the celebrity world that Jillian looks more beautiful in her recent photos than in the past because of the nose job. It is not clear whether the Canadian celebrity might consider other surgical procedures in the future. Judging from her positive attitude towards the procedure, she would not mind going under the knife for another good reason.