Justin Timberlake Nose Job

Justin Timberlake Before and After Nose Job

Justin Timberlake Nose Job Before and After Photos

Justin Timberlake has remained aloft the waves of celebrity glamor for reasons that range from his talents to his looks. He has often altered the different versions of his handsome features through various hairstyles and great sense of fashion. The entire universe knows that Timberlake appreciates good photography. He never spares a chance to flaunt his style before the cameras. Some keen observers are committed to the view that Kimberlake is not entirely natural. To them, he is a dashing celebrity who understands the ways of enhancing his looks through plastic surgery. The gossip world has always come up with various versions of speculations on Timberlake’s plastic surgery. Talks of Botox treatment, laser resurfacing, and liposuction have never stopped spreading far and wide. However, much of the plastic surgery rumors appear to focus on the celebrity’s nose. Did Timberlake really go under the knife for a nose job?

Justin Timberlake Nose Job Before

Timberlake began hogging the limelight from a very tender age when he appeared in The All-New Mickey Mouse Club and Star Search. He was still a child but his looks won him favors and friends across the fabulous world of stardom. Analysts with a keen interest in Timberlake’s transformations have often used various before pictures to assess the evidence of such change. Some of the before pictures taken during his early days in fame show him with a slightly bulbous nose. The nose appeared somewhat prominent and more conspicuous on the face. According to some analysts, the appearance of the nose at that point in time was natural, but not very good in appearance. However, some of his fans think that the look of Timberlake’s face was only consistent with his young age. The pull and push among the fans and critics is likely to persist until the day Timberlake speaks up.

Justin Timberlake Nose Job After

A growing volume of pictorial evidence seems to suggest that some skilled surgeon did a perfect job on Timberlake’s nose. The photos purportedly taken after the surgical procedure shows a transformed Timberlake with a nose that fits perfectly on his face. The nose appears longer, thinner, and more pointed. In comparison, the dimensions of the nose appear to differ significantly with the nose that Timberlake had in the 1990s. In fact, a good number of analysts and observers are quickly buying into the idea that the gifted vocalist actually went under the knife to get the modifications. However, dissenting voices among fans and critics argue that the angling of the cameras produced the allusion of rhinoplasty. It has never been easy to reconcile the two contrasting positions.

Justin Timberlake Reaction to Nose Job Speculations

Justin Timberlake has never found a good reason to comment on the rumors about his plastic surgery. He considers himself not a big talker. He feels safe in the spirited defense he has received from a number of fans and some experts in the field of plastic surgery. Three plastic surgeons have refuted the claims that Timberlake’s nose appears to have been modified by a skilled surgeon. Timberlake said that he appreciates beauty and facial aesthetics, but he prefers great personality to physical attractiveness. Drawing from this perspective, it might be safe to conclude that Timberlake spends more time building his personality than thinking about plastic surgeons.

Nose Job Surgery Results

Currently, it is not yet clear whether Justin Timberlake went under the surgeon’s knife to enhance the appearance of his nose. It all remains a matter of speculations. However, if the presumption is upheld, it would follow that the operation was a huge success. Timberlake’s nose is one of the features that enhance his great looks. Some critics think that the size and shape of the nose is only a reflection of age and growth. It would take something more than speculations to dig out the whole truth.